TXV Woes

Ok I had a no cool call the other day that has been giving me trouble. I found a bad condenser fan motor and a dirty evaporator coil. Cleaned the coil and replaced the motor. Turned the unit on and it purred like a kitten. pressures where spot on. The unit was cooling great. I leave and go to two more calls, and the shop calls me and tells me the customer called and the unit quit cooling. I finish the call im on and head back over there the compressor wasn’t running. I ohm it out and all is good so I turn it on and it is running. I notice that the suction line is not sweating now and reach down and feel of it and the liquid line and they feel to be about the same temp. I go to the truck and get my gauges hook them up and I have a very low suction about 38# and the liquid line pressure is about 184# which was standing pressure for the current outdoor ambient of 96 degrees. next thing I know the compressor starts bypassing and then trips on overload. My first thought was a compressor valve issue. I cooled the compressor off tapped on the top of the compressor a bit and turned it back on. Pressures where the same so I jarred the condenser a little, and the pressures went back to normal. So now im definitely thinking compressor valves. I inform the customer that if it happens again we may have to replace the condenser since it is r22 unit. Another tech and a helper go out there a few days later and he checks to see if he can get it to pump down and he determines that the problem is a bad txv so he goes and gets an r22 valve and replaces it. This was friday and as far as i know the unit is still running. My problem is that I have never seen a closed down txv that didn’t have a high liquid line pressure an low suction and I havent seen one make the compressor over heat. Freeze the Evap. coil yes. and never one that would work intermittently. The liquid line pressure not changing is what led me to believe that the problem was the compressor and not the txv. Can someone explain to me what is going on. Thank you

Hanging very heavy carriage doors

Hi – I was lucky enough to find a great Amish builder who made me two pairs of solid mahogany carriage doors for my garage. Each opening is 8×7 and my contractor added additional studs for extra support. The builder estimates them at 130lbs each but it took 4 guys to get each door off the truck and I can barely lift a door a few inches.


My GC is a bit nervous about getting the install right since its hung on hinges that are lag bolted to the underlying structure. The frames aren’t perfectly square so he will need to do some shimming to get it just right. The issue is that he can’t shim the jambs because the lag screws go deep into the supporting frame. So I suggested that he build a temp support to hold the doors in the exact closed position he wants it and then use that to line up the hinges.


Anyone try anything like this before? Given the weight we are worried that they will shift a bit and then will be out of alignment. Or over time they will sag. The lags have a out a 1/32 of an inch of play within the hole of the hinge. Plus the hinges are mounted on the face of the building frame so he can’t shim it horizontally.


Kairak condensing units

Hey guys I have never worked with a Kairak condensing system before. Its a big condensing unit with like 3 compressors in it. two walk in coolers and a walk in freezer with some cook line equipment share this ‘rack’ system they call in here in TN. I replaced and expansion valve because of freezing up and low pressure. No luck with the new TXV I checked all 4 evaps in the walk in coolers and they all are running the same. about 0 deg saturation on suction and 90 deg on the head side.404A, Another complaint their having is the walk in freezer with 2 evaps is running about 20 deg. Ive asked my manager if the system could be low on charge he said no the receiver on the condenser is just over40 percent full. Anyone work on these before?

Poor sealing fridge door gasket.

Might there be a tradesman’s trick for getting aftermarket gaskets to seal properly. I have a fridge that I’m told had this gasket replaced about 5 years ago. Even at that time the gasket fit was as you see it in the attached images. They’ve made no previous attempt to get a better fit. I just looked at it and the installation looks proper — The gasket simply seems like it has no extension (accordion effect) at the two corners.


The poor seal caused much condensation both inside and out. Unfortunately this is taking its toll in the form of minor isolated corrosion (as seen in pic) along with a constant mildew problem. This Kenmore (#2539768481) is probably 12-15 years old and, while still in otherwise very good condition, I’m not sure investing in a $100+ genuine gasket is worth it.


Any tricks-of-the-trade appreciated.





Building inspection process for a deck?

Hello all, I am in the final stages of designing a deck for my house using the IRC 2012 guide (some changes to 2015 IRC), and am about to submit for permits. This is the first time I have had to deal with a building inspector and permitting process so I am unsure how in depth I should be taking this. I have designed it adhering to code thus far, however I am now seeing areas were the code is a inconvenience. My thoughts are that I may be overestimating the level of scrutiny the inspector with apply, and how much leniency they give to slight inconsistencies. I am in New Jersey, and my district has adopted the 2015 IRC code. I feel as if when I am looking through pictures of decks online, I see so many code violations that would make my life so much easier. Such as…


-After looking through many documents, it appears you are quite limited in the amount of step down you can get from the door to the deck. When adhering to the allowable ledger bolt patterns and the band joist bolts, without completely changing the size of your joists, you are stuck with practically no step down. I am using 2×10 joists for the deck, and house band joist is 2×10, which by code would only allow a .75″ step. That is not great for snow in New jersey. Check out link to confirm


2015 IRC Deck Ledger Bolt Placement | ProTradeCraft


-Another area where I wish I has some room was the footings 5ft from the foundation rule. Unless you intend on digging your deck footings to the elevation of your house footings (unrealistic), than you have to space the deck off further than 5ft. This confuses me as the none of the maximum allowable joist overhangs in the code can reach span that 5ft distance. In my case this is not critical, as I am right on the edge of 5ft, however if I could cheat a little I would. Do inspections measure from the footer to the house? Pier to the house? Post to the house? Or, are they quite strict about the footer to the house distance?


-Stairs landing on concrete pads. Code says stairs must land on an area with footings of proper size and below frost. I have seen countless pictures of stairs landing right on concrete slabs, sometimes, just concrete blocks. ?


-How does an inspector, inspect your ledger attachments if he/she cannot access your interior band joist? Obviously, an owner w cannot demolish the floor to access the band joist? How does he very you are attaching the ledger to the right spots on the band joist (edge distances, no drill, no pass zones, esc)?


Thank you guys, I really need some advice here


Aint No Sheriffs Star…. lol

That Star of David thing….. thats something that also should be setting off alarms in peoples heads…..


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Maybe the US can get Mossad to deal with Trump…… in their own special way…. I know if I was in government… I would at least be considering that option…. no matter which side of the table I was sitting on.