“I got it running for now”

I get the call late in the evening for no cooling, HO tells me he don’t have 24v outside but he “has it running for now”. I arrive in the morning to find a screwdriver wedged in the contactor. he had his own parts laying there by the unit “in case I needed them” the wrong parts might I add. Whoever installed the system should be fired and should never work in the hvac industry again. I literally could not take off the door to the unit, there was no room by the line sets. If I held the door away from the unit there was about 4 inches to get my arm in and test for power, I wasn’t to happy. M I hated to see this return, it’s just in a utility room with a grid on the door? Just bad all the way aroundName: Image1465356987.802758.jpg<div style=

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