Replacing Brinks with Vista 20p with zone expander

I’m replacing a Brinks alarm system and I have a few questions. The existing setup is all wired:


Brinks BHS-3000C panel with 3 keypads


2 int. sirens/speakers


1 ext. siren


1 ext. strobe


zone 1 – 2 doors


zone 2 – 2 int. doors


zone 3 – 7 windows


zone 4 – 1 overhead door


zone 5 – 4 overhead doors


zone 6 – 4 glassbreaks


zone 7 – 1 smoke, 1 heat


zone 8 – 1 smoke, 1 heat


Honeywell 4208u zone expander


zone 9 – 1 motion


zone 10 – 1 motion


For the new alarm, I’ve purchased:


Honeywell Ademco Vista 20p control panel


Honeywell 6160 alpha keypad


2 Honeywell 6150 fixed keypads


Honeywell 4219 zone expander


1. The panel is upstairs and the zone expander is mounted downstairs next to one of the motion detectors, and from there it’s wired to the main keypad. Can I use this same wiring setup with the new zone expander?


2. The motions are both connected to the zone expander. When I connect them to the new expander, will each need a EOL resistor?


3. Does it matter which zone/connectors the motions are connected to on the new expander? Where I mounted the new expander, I can only reach the two right most zone connectors.


4. It looks like the glassbreaks are wired/looped together. Is it ok to leave them like that when I connect them to the new alarm panel? Do I just need one EOL resistor?






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