Subfloor over differently sized joists

I’m looking to finish my attic in the near future and there’s one big question that I need to figure out in order to proceed. The joists are the proper sizes for a 40psf live load but depending on the span some areas used 2x8s and other areas used 2x10s. What is the cheapest way to make this so I can install 3/4″ subflooring over the top so that it can be one continuous flat subfloor. In other words, how can I bring up the 2×8 areas 2 inches so that they match the height of the 2x10s? I know I could sister all of the 2x8s to new 2x10s but I’m figuring that isn’t the most economical solution as 60% of the area I’d like to finish used 2x8s.

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